How to enjoy onsen

How to enjoy onsen

What is a Japanese onsen?

Immerse yourself in a spacious outdoor bath filled with hot-spring water while enjoying the blue sky and sunlight, and listening to the chirping of birds in a serene environment. Sometimes you can also enjoy a snowy scenery and enter the bath while feeling freezingly cold. It is also a good thing to just relax and spend a healing time in a fragrant Hinoki-wood bathtub. Whichever you choose, you will spend the best luxurious moment. What kind of hot springs do you want to enter? I hope that everyone who will visit Japan can explore a fun onsen culture through this webpage.

How to enjoy bathing in a Japanese onsen properly

There may be many people who are interested in entering a onsen in Japan but has never had the chance to do so. Here, you can easily see the things that you need to note when entering a onsen in an animation.
The first experience can be a bit worrisome. Let's change the worried feeling to excitement by watching this video. We hope that it will help you obtain the most exciting experience of your journey.

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    Shower yourself before bathing.

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    Don't put your towel in the bath.

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    Floor is slippery so don't run.

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    Dry yourself before leaving.

In many onsen, you cannot wear a towel like in videos, or take a bath while wearing your underwear. Let's take off all the clothes and soak in hot water after washing your body thoroughly. Also, when cleaning your body, please use the equipped shower or a bucket. Be careful not to splash water or soap at other people, and please rinse out the foam on the body thoroughly before entering the bathtub. People who have long hair need to tie their hair, so it does not soak in the bath. Never wash your hair or body in the bathtub.

Tattoo and onsen

Now, you probably feel that you have understood the manners to enter a onsen and want to go right away. However, there is one more thing that you need to consider. Many hot springs in Japan do not allow people with tattoos to enter. If you have a tattoo somewhere on your body, please go to a tattoo-friendly onsen or find a onsen that is equipped with private baths. You may feel that it is an unfair treatment to people with tattoos. However, this is based on the fact that "tattoo" has long been recognized as a symbol of antisocial forces and organized crime in the history of Japan. You may think, "Well, it will be 2020 soon", and actually, onsen have been gaining attention from many international travelers to Japan. The hot spring culture that has been known in Japan for a long time has been receiving the attention of the international community, and it is necessary for Japan to understand the quickly expanding multiculturalism. If possible, we would appreciate it if you could watch over the transition of such a culture.

Some onsen may allow people with tattoos to enter if they cover their tattoos with seals or other means. When searching for tattoo-friendly onsens on this site, a "△" mark signifies that the use of family baths for people with tattoos is permitted by the onsen facility. Please contact the hot spring facility individually for more information.