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*+. Trip to Oita * to conflict with nature. *+. ・*.

May 12, 2016

"Olle" of Oita
Association of Jeju Olle links the agreement to the Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization, and there is "the Kyushu Olle" in the various places throughout Kyushu.
In Oita,
"Okubungo course" sitting astride Taketa City from Bungo-Ono-shi,
"Kokonoe-Yamanami course" aiming at Chojabaru from Kokonoe "Yume" grand suspension bridge parking lot,
Three course of "the Beppu course" enjoying nature of Beppu is registered.
I install art and the red of the horse called "Kanse" and blue ribbon, the signboard of the arrow in the course.
An individual walks along these marks freely.

"Kyushu Olle Okubungo course" Bungo-Ono-shi - Taketa City

While the Okubungo course starting from JR Asaji Station of Bungo-Ono-shi, and watching beautiful farm village scenery,
Over Yujaku Park and Fukoji Temple, Oka Castle Ruins of the Taketa City, the history harmonizes with nature reaching JR Bungo-Taketa Station,
I can enjoy Autumn leaves in a cherry tree, autumn in spring.

Admission fee of the Oka Castle Ruins is necessary.
●More than high school students 300 yen (more than 20 groups 200 yen), elementary and middle school students 150 yen (more than 20 groups 100 yen)
●Approximately 12km
●The time required: 4-5 hours
●An inquiry: Taketa City Tourism Association 0974-63-0585/ Bungo-Ono Association for Rural Tourism 0974-35-3601

As the hot spring facilities "Hanamizuki" in the goal has the footbath, I can refresh a tired foot in a hot spring.
[access to the start point]
・From Bungo-Ono-shi "JR Asaji Station" ... JR Oita Station Hohi Main Line approximately one hour ten minutes
・Oita Airport - JR Oita Station (airport airliner approximately one hour five minutes)
・Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Port - JR Hakata Station - JR Oita Station (Nippo Main Line limited express sonic approximately two hours 30 minutes)
・Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Port - JR Hakata Station - JR Kumamoto Station (Kyushu Shinkansen) - JR Bungo-Taketa Station (Hohi Main Line Trans-Kyushu Limited Express)

"Kyushu Olle Kokonoe-Yamanami course" Kokonoe (Kokonoe) town

The course which walks "Aso-Kuju National Park" in parking lot of the Kokonoe "Yume" grand suspension bridge of Kokonoe-machi as for "the Kokonoe-Yamanami course" in the starting point.
I walk horse path and the meadows, and, through Ukenokuchi Onsen, Chojabaru with the knotweed moor is finish over a way and the Handa highland along the valley.
The suspension bridge of the Kokonoe "Yume" grand suspension bridge of Kokonoe-machi does not go.
When I use it, Admission fee is 500 yen separately. Even round trip is the same fare (10% off more than 30 group discount) by one way.

●Approximately 12km
●The time required: 4-5 hours
●An inquiry: Kokonoe Town Office Commercial and Tourism-Natural Environmental Department 0973-76-3150 (excluded on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
[access to the start point]
・From "Kokonoe-machi “ dream “ large suspension bridge" ... JR Bungo-Nakamura Station Hita Bus (route bus) approximately 22 minutes
・Oita Airport - Yufuin station square bus center (airport airliner approximately 55 minutes) - Kuju starting point of a mountain climb (Kamenoi bus, Kyushu crossing bus 52 minutes) - Kokonoe-machi “ dream “ large suspension bridge (Hita Bus 32 minutes)
・Fukuoka Airport - JR Hakata Station (subway five minutes) - JR Bungo-Nakamura Station (limited express Yufu approximately two hours)

"Kyushu Olle Beppu course" Beppu City

The only departure and arrival locations that "the Beppu course" starts Shidakako Lake "Shidaka rest area" of the Beppu City and assumes finish is the same course.
I enjoy nature of Beppu visiting observation tower or Atago Shrine where Mt. Yufu and Mt. Tsurumi are seen.
As for the Kagurameko Lake in the course, up to 300,000 iris ensata flowers is in full glory for from the beginning of June to the beginning of July. 
The Shidakako Lake spring a cherry tree, the summer as for the hydrangea appreciation or the camping,
I can enjoy the seasonal scenery and leisure including the snow scene in Autumn leaves, the winter and am full of families in autumn as a citizen's oasis.

●Approximately 11km
●The time required: 4-5 hours
●An inquiry: Beppu City Tourism Department    TEL: 0977-21-1128 (excluded on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
[access to the start point]
・For "Shidakako Lake" ... JR Beppu Station (Kamenoi bus) approximately 30 minutes from a "torii" bus stop a 10-minute walk
・Oita Airport - JR Beppu Station (airport airliner approximately 40 minutes)
・Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Port - express bus, JR limited express sonic approximately two hours
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"The Road of Oracio" (Kunisaki Peninsula Kunisaki-shi - Kitsuki-shi - Hiji Town)

From Japan, "the The Road of Oracio" from Kyushu, the Oita,
I go to sacred place, Jerusalem in Japanese for the first time and start the Kunisaki-shi Kibe which is hometown of the Beatus "Petro Kasui Kibe" which became the Catholic priest in Rome,
Via the Kitsuki Catholic Church nestling in castle town, Kitsuki, it is course walking the way of 111km (good prayer) to "Oita Trappist Monastery" of the Hiji Town.
Course is set between six wards and walks the course of the pilgrimage by each person freely.
As there are many ways of private land and the local, we follow a manner, and let's walk.

There may be much one called "... weak in exercise.", too.
I introduce the spot that can feel Nature without sweating♪

"Beppu Ropeway" in the Beppu City Mt. Tsurumi

I overlook the Beppu city, Beppu bay from the mountaintop. I can expect Shikoku, the Kuju mountain range distantly, too.
There is the open evenings for a limited time, and look at a night view of romantic Beppu by all means
It is very cool particularly in the summer. It is recommended as refreshing spot. Please sense a natural air conditioner of the Nature bodily.

Access: It is approximately five minutes by Beppu IC - car
It is "Kamenoi bus" approximately 20 minutes from the JR Beppu Station west exit
It is "Kamenoi bus" approximately 30 minutes from Yufuin