Seasonal information

Oita first sunrise spot of a new year

Dec 4, 2017

[Oita city]

○Sekizaki Kaiseikan

Open in particular on New Year's Day and hold first sunrise of a new year observation party.
I can see the first sunrise of a new year that rose from Shikoku.
■Special Opening hours: It is 6:00 a.m. to  9:00 a.m. ( for 3hours)
   ※Free of charge for enter fee
 ※Bingo game will be held at 7:30am !
■Adress: Oita city 4057-419, Saganoseki Sekizaki Kaiseikan

[Beppu City]

○Beppu Ropeway

Beppu Ropeway New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine, first sunrise of a new year driving
I can expect the first sunrise of a new year to go up the Beppu bay from 1,375m above sea level.
■Operation hours special only on New Year's Day: It travels from 4:00 a.m.
■Adress: Beppu City Oaza-Minami-Tateishi Aza-Samuhara 10-7
(as congestion is expected as for the boarding after 6:00, I recommend boarding early.)
As it is not this street at the time of the bad weather including the snow, please go out after confirmation.


○Bungo Futamigaura

The Bungo Futamigaura has two rocks called the Meotoiwa.
Between the rocks, the best big Shinto straw festoon registered with Guinness in 1994 in Japan works!
I can expect the first sunrise of a new year from the sea!
■Adress: Kamiura Aza Azamuiura, Saiki City

[Hiji Town]

○Shiroshita Park

Park "Shiroshita Park" under the Youkoku castle
The view of the Beppu bay seeing Mount Takasaki is a superb view forward.
■Adress: Hiji Town Ninomaru

[Kunisaki city]

○Oita Airport

"Oita Airport" that faces the sea. The first sunrise of a new year is an airplane and the perfect benefits rising over there of the runway!
■Adress: Kunisaki-city, Oita Aki-town Oita Airport pickup and drop-off deck

[Usa City]

○"An Usa Shrine New Year's Eve festival"

Many worshipers visit the Usa Shrine from in and outside of prefecture, the whole country over New Year's Eve - New Year holidays.
A festival last in one year. It is famous for benefit such as Inviting Good Luck, Fortune and Prosperity, business prosperity, road safety, a good luck charm, the studies accomplishment.
As for the New Year's Eve, "a New Year's Eve festival" to complete one year is performed following "great purification type" (I pay it and spread it) to pay a crime, impurity (impurity) for.
■[date] Every year: New Year's Eve
■Adress: 2859, Minamiusa, Usa-city