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Information on Autumn Leaves Oita 2017

Sep 25, 2017

There are many places to enjoy autumn leaves in Oita Prefecture. Visiting during the season of fall colors is best, but these are popular tourist spots throughout the year.
We look forward to your visit!!

The season for fall colors in Oita Prefecture is generally from the middle of October to the end of November. It depends on the weather and temperature, so please check before you go.
[Nakatsu City]

●Aonodomon Tunnel – Kyoshuho Ridge● (Hon-yabakei)
Aonodomon is a nationally known attraction popularized by the novel Beyond Love and Hate by Kan Kikuchi. The tunnel is located at the foot of the Kyoshuho Ridge along the Yamakuni River. The area is popular for autumn leaves and receives many tourists in fall.

◎Period: Mid November
◎Place: Sogi, Hida, Hon-yabakei-machi, Nakatsu-city, OITA
◎Parking: 5 large-sized buses and 80 passenger cars

●Hitome-hakkei● (Shin-yabakei)
Among the scenic sites in Yabakei, this place is particularly picturesque. Located along the Yamautsuri River, a branch of the Yamakuni River, eight mountains are visible at one time: Kaiborei, Senningaiwa, Shoenzan, Meotoiwa, Gunenzan, Eboushiiwa, Oshikanagaonomine, and Tobinosuyama. This is why the place is called Hitome-hakkei (viewing eight scenes at a time). In autumn leaves season, the river and rocks are decorated with red and yellow leaves and the place is crowded with visitors.

◎Period: Mid to late November
◎Place: Shin-yabakei, Yabakei-machi, Nakatsu-city, OITA
◎Parking: 11 large-sized buses, 256 passenger cars

[Usa City]

●Usa Jingu Shrine●
Usa Shrine is the head shrine of Hachiman Shrine in Japan as the second imperial mausoleum after Ise Jingu Shrine. The bright red shrine buildings and autumn leaves are very beautiful, making us feel that the autumn has come.
◎Period: Mid to late November
◎Place: 2859 Minami-usa, Usa-city, OITA
◎Parking: 20 bays(big bus), 528 bays(standard vehicle)
◎Parking fees:¥1,500 (big bus),¥400 (standard vehicle)

[Bungotakada city]

●Fukiji Temple●
Fukiji Temple has a long and distinguished history as it was built in the Heian Era (8th century) as a guardian deity for the high priest of Usa Shrine. The shrine grounds are colored with red and yellow leaves and visitors can feel the season in this scenic spot.

◎Period: Late November to early December
◎Place: Tashibufuki, Bungotakada-city, OITA
◎Parking: 10 large-sized buses, 30 passenger cars

●Choanji Temple●
A historic temple that is said to have been the head of the Rokugo Manzan temples. A variety of plants can be viewed in every season, such as rhododendrons, hydrangeas, cluster-amaryllises, and fall foliage. The grounds of the temple are popular as a place of rest.

◎Period: Mid November to early December
◎Place: Karegawa, Bungotakada-city, OITA
◎Parking: 5 large-sized buses, 30 passenger cars

[Kunisaki city]

●Futagoji Temple●
Located halfway up Mt. Futago in the middle of Kunisaki Peninsula, Futagoji Temple is surrounded by rich nature. You can enjoy splendid views of autumn tinted leaves around the grounds in fall. Shigure fall foliage is called one of the seven mysteries of the temple as dew falls from the leaves even on fine days.

◎Period: Mid to late November 
◎Place: 1548 Futago, Aki-machi, Kunisaki-city, OITA
◎Parking: 5 large-sized buses, 50 passenger cars

●Monjusenji Temple●
Colored leaves of trees along the road leading to Monjusenji Temple become denser as you approach the temple. The views of mountains and colored leaves from the temple grounds are spectacular. The place is called Monju-yaba and attracts many tourists and photographers.

◎Period: Late November to early December
◎Place: 2432 Daionji, Kunisaki-machi, Kunisaki-city, OITA
◎Parking: 5 large-sized buses, 30 passenger cars

[Beppu City]

●Beppu Ropeway (Mt. Tsurumi)●
Beppu Ropeway, part of Aso Kuju National Park, is located in the western part of Beppu City, Oita Prefecture. Linking the foot and summit of Mr. Tsurumi, the ropeway is the largest in size in western Japan. Visitors can enjoy a view of the vast city area of Beppu and autumn leaves of maple trees and wild cherry trees beautifully decorating the hillsides. Easy ropeway riding offers a spectacular view of the autumn leaves.

◎Period: Mid October to mid November
◎Place: 10-7 Aza-Samuhara, Oaza-Minamitateishi, Beppu-city, OITA
◎Parking: 250 passenger cars (free of charge)

[Yufu city]

●Mt. Yufu●
Mt. Yufu (1,584 meters above sea level), a beautiful mountain and the symbol of Yufuin, is known as Bungo Fuji and was written about in Manyoshu, an anthology of classical poetry. On a fine day, it commands a panoramic view of the Yufuin Basin, Beppu Bay and Kuju Mountain Range. 

◎Period: Late October to mid November
◎Place: Kawakami, Yufuin-cho, Yufu-city, OITA
◎Parking: 20 passenger cars (free of charge) 100 passenger cars (charged)
◎Parking fee: \500 per passenger car

●Kinrinko Lake●
An autumn leaves spot. The morning mist occasionally seen early in the morning on a cold winter day is particularly beautiful. The mist comes from the evaporation of the lake water that includes hot spring water. From the path around the lake, you can see fish and waterfowl swimming in its clear water.

◎Period: Early to mid November
◎Place: Kawakami, Yufuin-cho, Yufu-city, OITA
◎Parking: Charged parking lots available around the lake

[Oita city]

●Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden●
Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden is famous nationwide as the habitat of about 1,300 wild Japanese monkeys. In autumn, the forests where the monkeys live are in fall colors all around.

◎Period: Early to mid December
◎Place: 3098-1 Kanzaki, Oita-city, OITA
◎Parking: 20 large-sized buses, 800 passenger cars
◎Parking fees: \1,030 per large-sized bus, \410 per passenger car

[Bungo-Ono city]

●Yujaku Park●
More than 500 maple trees surround two ponds in a vast area of the park. The park is crowded with visitors during the fall foliage season. 

◎Period: Mid to late November
◎Place: Yujaku Park, Kamiotsuka, Asaji-machi, Bungo-ono-city, OITA
◎Parking: 50 passenger cars

[Taketa City]

●Oka Castle Ruins● 
A castle famous for its impregnability. The castle itself does not remain, but you can enjoy views of the four seasons around the magnificent stone walls. From the center of the castle you can look out upon the autumn leaves of the Kuju Mountain Range. It is also known as a cherry blossom viewing spot in spring.

◎Period: Mid to late November
◎Place: Aza-Oka, Oaza-Taketa, Taketa-city, OITA
◎Admission fees: \300 for high school student or older (A), \200 for group visitor of A (more than 20 people per group), \150 for elementary/junior high school student (B), \100 for group visitor of B (more than 20 people per group)
◎Parking: 120 passenger cars

[Kokonoe-machi, Taketa-shi]

●Kuju Mountain Range●
The Kuju Mountain Range spreads from Kokonoe Town of Kusu County to the north of Taketa City. In autumn, colorful leaves decorate the mountains like a carpet rolled out all over, offering climbers great fun.

◎Period: Late October to mid November


●Kokonoe “Yume” Ootsurihashi Bridge●
Kokonoe “Yume” Ootsurihashi is a suspension bridge with a total length of 390 meters and a height of 173 meters, the highest pedestrian bridge in Japan. The view from the bridge is spectacular, looking over Shindo-no-taki, one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan, and Kyusuikei Ravine is famous for autumn leaves. 

◎Period: Late October to mid November
◎Place: Oaza-Tano, Kokonoe-machi, Kusu-gun, OITA
◎Parking: 37 buses, 240 passenger cars

[kitsuki city]

● Kitsuki castle town samurai residences (Ohara's house, Isoya house, Nakane's house)●
Castle town Kitsuki, where the atmosphere 200 years ago remains street and slope vividly.
In the autumn Japanese garden of the samurai residences, the garden tree which turned red and yellow meets all of you.

◎Period: From the middle of November to the end of November
◎Place: Kitsuki, Kitsuki-city, OITA
◎Inquiries: Kitsuki City Tourism Association
TEL: 0978-63-0100 E-mail: info@kit-suki .com

[Kusu town]

● Former Kurushima  garden ●
You can enjoy Autumn leaves with a country designation natural beauty spot former Kurushima garden. Enjoy a town walk with the adjacent Japan's smallest castle town.
◎Period: From the beginning of November to the middle of November
◎Place: forest 855 Kusu-town, Kusu-gun, Oita
◎Parking lot: Ten passenger cars
◎Parking rate: Free of charge

● Tachihada-no-kei ●
A representative place of back Yaba-kei Gorge where strangely shaped rocks exceedingly high mountains for approximately 1km continue. The rural scenery of the foot harmonizes with colorful trees, and scenery relieved at opens.
◎Period: From the beginning of November to the middle of November
◎Place:  Oaza Old back The Kusu-town, Kusu-gun, OITA
◎Parking lot: Ten private cars
◎Parking rate: Free of charge

● Higashi-Okuyama Seven God of Good Luck ●
You can enjoy Autumn leaves with huge rock of "the Seven Deities of Good Luck" which appeared in a typhoon of 1991 suddenly.
◎Period: From the beginning of November to the middle of November
◎Place:Oaza forest Kusu-town, Kusu-gun, OITA
◎Parking lot: Ten private cars
◎Parking fee: Free

[Usuki city]

● Hakuba Valley ●
The Hakuba Valley is located at the source of the Usuki River and is known as beautiful scenery.
You can walk through the valley with autumn leaves. 
The maple Festival is held every year on November 23.

◎Period: From the end of November to the beginning of December
◎Place: 1366, Maeda, Usuki-city, OITA
◎Parking lot: Ten passenger cars

● Fugenji Temple ● 
 There are about 200 maple trees around Fugenji Temple and their carpet of red and yellow adds color to this historic temple. 
The maple trees are lit up in November, creating a dream like atmosphere. 
This temple has the grave of Kicchomu, who was famous for his wit. 

◎Period : Late November to early December 
◎Place : 1346 Notsuichi, Notsu-machi, Usuki-city, OITA
◎Parking : 10 perssenger cars.

[Hiji Town]

● Tekizanso Garden ●
Trees change their color beautifullyin a large garden. You can look at superb view of the Beppu bay from the garden. The admission of the garden is free of charge. In addition, you can enjoy the lunch  using the ingredients of the season in the residence.
◎Period: The end of November
◎Place: 2663, Hiji-town, Hayami-gun, Oita
◎Business hours: 11:30~22:00 (only a reservation is open at ※ night. I close at a day without the reservation at 17:00)
◎Parking lot: 20 standard vehicle
◎Others: The residence is available only for the diner