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Oita Bamboo Lantern Festival (Autumn illumination)

Oct 10, 2017

*Oita Bamboo Lantern Festival*
Oita is Japan's top producer of Japanese bamboo.
A night event,  which lights lanterns or objects made of bamboo,  is held each area in autumn every year
Why don't you walk through in a beautifully lit castle town at night?

[Usuki city] "Usuki Takeyoi"

Usuki city is a birthplace of bamboo lantern.
about 1,000 bamboo lanterns lined up on the stone pavement will fantastically light up the historical town.

■Date: November 4 to 5 , 2017
■Venus: Nioza Usuki City

[Hita city] "Hita Sennen Akari"

30,000 bamboo lanterns will light up around Jonai river and Kagetsu river running through Mameda district. Enjoy the fantastic but subtle and profound night. Concerts and events will be held at Mamedamachi shopping avenue during the festival.

■Date: November 10 to 12 , 2017
■Venus: Kagetsu river, Mameda-machi, Hita city.


It has been 17th years since Taketa Bamboo Lantern Festival, known as Chikuraku, started at the turn of the century with just 3,000 lanterns. The festival has grown into one of the biggest attractions of the city and now more than 20,000 lanterns illuminate the city centre for 3 nights in November.

■Date: November 17 to 19 , .2017
■Venus: Taketa City