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The 1300th Anniversary of "Rokugo Manzan"

Aug 25, 2017

"Rokugo Manzan" will be entered 1300th year of foundation in 2018.
Rokugo Manzan culture has been flourished at Kunisaki Peninsula.
We introduce its history and charm.
【What is Rokugo Manzan?】

"Rokugo Manzan" is a collective name of the temples at Kunisaki Peninsula in Oita prefecture.
"Rokugo" means six villages and they were formed along the valley lines extending from the Mt Futago.
"Manzan" means collective names of temples that were built at there.
Kunisaki peninsula and Usa area is said that the birthplace of the syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism.
The place where the divinities of Shinto and the deities of Buddhism coexist was flourished unique religious culture.

【Shrines and Temples】
  There are 31 sacred places left now, and I will introduce some of them.

"Usa Jingu Shrine"
Usa Jingu Shrine is the head shrine of  over 40,000 shrines around the country that enshrine Hachiman. The main hall is designated as a national treasure.
There are  other shrines are dotted in the vast precincts.

*Admission time: (April - September)  5: 30 - 21: 00
                       (October - March)   6: 00 -  21: 00
*Regular holiday: None
*Admission  fee: None

"Fukiji Temple"
Fukiji Temple is the oldest wooden architecture in Kyushu,  and designated National treasure. You can enjoy different scenery every season. Plum in spring, fresh green in summer, autumn leaves in fall, snow scenery in winter.

*Admission time: 8: 30 - 16: 30
*Regular holiday: None
*Admission fee:  300yen

"Monjusenji Temple"
It is said that you will gain wisdom when drink "water of wisdom" which springs from "Oku-no-in", integrated with rocky mountain. You can experience sutra, zazen and Buddhist monk's cuisine. (Reservation is required)
* Admission Hours: Sunrise - Sunset
* Regular holiday: None
*Admission fee: None

"Futagoji Temple"
One of the biggest Nio statues in Kunisaki Peninsula are placed at the gate.
It is said that if you have a problem of you foot and touch the nio's foot , it will be healed. This temple is also famous as a scenic spot of autumn leaves.

*Admission time: (March to November) 8: 00 - 17: 00
                          (December - February) 8: 30 - 16: 30
*Regular holiday: None
*Admission fee: 300 yen

【Kunisaki Peninsula Minemichi Long Trail】
 From ancient time, monks of "Rokugo Manzan" have been training here. Passing through mountains and valleys, visited shrines, temples and sacred spaces.
You can enjoy the varied landscapes and paths that you can walk through nature-rich course, see the mountains with strange rocks, and overlook the sea from the mountains.