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Cool spot in Oita

May 17, 2017

We introduce a spot to spend hot summer coolly.
A stalactite cave, a waterfall, a valley are a lot.
Most of them are in nature, so you can feel the power of the earth.

*Stalactite cave *

[Bungo-Ono city]

"Inazumi Underwater Stalactite Cave"
The Inazumi Underwater Stalactite Cave is a rare underwater stalactite cave inthe world. It has many underwater stalactites and corallites, bell halls, helictites. Even in the midsummer, it is cool at 16 degrees Celsius and as if natural air conditioner. In the facilities, there are Inazumi Hakusangawa Camp Village (having a river to swim, starry sky, barbecue), an exhibition hall of the Japanese Showa period (around 1955), a stand, restaurants and water fountains, too.
■Locations: 300, Nakazuru, Miemachi, Bungo-Ono-shi


[Usuki city]

"Furen Underwater Cave"
It is designated as a national natural treasure.
Because it is an obstructive limestone cave with a depth of about 500 m, it does not invite weathering with less intrusion of outside air and continues to release gloss similar to pure white.

■Locations: Notsumachi Oaza Tomari, Usuki City 1632



[Saiki City]

"Fujikawachi Valley"
The Fujikawachi Valley is located in Oita Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture, The Sobo-Katamuki Quasi-National Park where welfare forests grow abundantly.
It is a valley of approximately 8km starting from the Kannon Waterfalls upstream.
There is a guide during a season, it is possible to experience the canyoning.
■Locations: Ume Oaza Kiura, Saiki City

[Nakatsu City]

"Sarutobisentsubokyo Canyon"
A natural mountain stream is a wilderness model that has been built over a long period of time, it is designated as a national natural treasure.

 ■Locations: Yamakunimachikusamoto, Nakatsu-shi


[Usa City]
"Takkiri Valley"
The Takkiri Valley is a scenic valley where pure water runs over the large monolith.
It is about 2 kilometers to the Great Falls Falls, and you can walk along the promenade while listening to the river's babbling. The promenade covered with natural forest is popular with fresh green in spring, autumn leaves in autumn, and clear flower walk in summer, and it is crowded with people who enjoy camping during summer vacation.In addition to the square in the campground, the shop is also equipped.
Also, you can draw water freely at the spring water near the management building.

■Locations: Innaimachijobettou, Usa-shi, Oita


[Usa City] 

"Higashishiiya Waterfalls"

The state to fall to direct nowel at a cliff of 85m in height is splendid. You can walk the promenade to a waterfall while enjoying a clear stream.

■Locations: Ajimumachihigashishiiya, Usa-shi, Oita Higashishiiya Waterfalls


"Fukino Waterfalls"

The Fukino Waterfalls consists of "Odaki (Male waterfalls)" and "Medaki (Female waterfalls)", and the drop is 65m. It is also called "reverse waterfall" because it can go around the falls and watch the waterfall. 
 In addition, you can see the mysterious scene that a small rainbow springs up one by one in the fine morning of  June to July.

■Locations: Ajimumachifukino, Usa-shi, Oita

[Taketa City]

"Shiramizu Waterfalls"
The Shiramizu waterfall is a registered monuments and located in Taketa City, Oita and Kumamoto.
You can enjoy camping in summer, autumn leaves in autumn.

■Locations: Ogimachikashiwabaru, Taketa-shi, Oita

[Kusu town]
"Jion Waterfalls"

"The Jion Waterfalls" located the west of the Kusu town is two steps of waterfalls placed in the boundary of Hita city and the Kusu town. The upper row is surrounded by the quayside walls and is located deep inside, so it is a spectacular waterfall that can only be seen from the front. You can walk on the back side of the waterfall. It is said that go around the waterfall in a clockwise direction, calling for happiness.

■Locations: Yamaura, Kusu-machi, Kusu-gun, Oita

[Bungo-Ono city]

"Chinda Waterfalls"
The Chinda waterfall is a registered monuments.
Its appearance is as extremely popular as a photographic spot, expressing a very mysterious scenery like a falling waterfall in two tiers.

■Locations: Onomachiyada, Bungoono-shi, Oita


"Harajiri Falls"

It is a famous waterfall which is listed as one of "100 waterfalls in Japan" and "100 sceneries in Oita prefecture". There is a suspension bridge in front of the waterfall, you can see the waterfall from the front. You can go down and go near the waterfall.

■Locations: Ogatamachiharajiri, Bungoono-shi, Oita