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Kimono experience in Oita

Apr 17, 2017

We introduce the places that you can enjoy kimono experience in Oita.

[kitsuki city]

"A rental kimono Waraku-an"
You can choose  favorite kimono among the 300 of colorful kimono.
The staff helps you put on a kimono.

○Business hours: From 10:00 to 16:00 (rental of kimono is until 2p.m.)
   It requires reservation by the day before
○Fare: 3,000 yen (it includes a tabi, Japanese socks)
○A regular holiday: No fixed holiday.
○Address: 372-4, Kitsuki, Kitsuki-shi
○An inquiry: Kitsuki city Tourism Association
(TEL) 0978-63-0100

Let's take a walk through the castle town where a samurai residences and mud wall of the Edo era are left. There is a lot of highlight including the slope of the beautiful stone pavement. You can enjoy the Matcha set in a samurai residence.

[Hita city]

"Hita Hitomikai"

○Business hours: From 10:00 to 16:00
   It requires reservation up to three days before
○Fare: 2,500 yen (it includes hair set, accessory set)
○A regular holiday: No fixed holiday
○An inquiry: Hita city Tourism Association
○A phone number: 0973-22-2036

A lot of buildings of the Edo era are left, and the townscape has the good old days atmosphere. The jinrikisha (rikisya) is recommended to stroll around the town.There are the miscellaneous goods which craftman made from Hita cedar and the general shop which collected splendid "Onta pottery".

[Usa City]

"A Tamaya Usa Shrine shop"
○Business hours: From 11:00 to 16:00 (return it by 16:00)
○Fare: 4,500 yen (with the drink) if you make reservations in advance, the fare will be 4,000 yen
○A regular holiday: Tuesday and Wednesday
○Address: Minamiusa, Usa-shi Ikuyo 2222-6

Usa Jigu Shrine is the head shrine of over 40,000 Hachiman shrines across Japan that enshrine Hachiman.. Let's visit the Shinto shrine with a kimono.
The shop staff will welcome you without the reservation for business hours.