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Oita Spring Festival information (April, May)

Mar 9, 2017

We introduce spring festival information in Oita.

[Beppu City]

"The 103rd Beppu Hatto Hot spring Festival"
It is a historical festival to thank for the blessing of the rich hot spring of "Beppu Hatto" (eight representative hot spring resorts in Beppu). Some of the municipal hot spring is free during the festival! Also the festival of the portable shrine and a steam parade, Ougiyama fire Festival, are popular too.

○Date: From Friday, March 31, 2017 to Monday, April 3
○Locations: Around Beppu Station 

[Bungo-Ono city]

"Tulip Festa"
The colorful tulip of 100 kinds of 400,000 blooms around the Harajiri Falls outskirts. During the festa, you can taste the dishes using ingredients of the local.

○Date: From Saturday, April 1, 2017 to Friday, April 14
○Locations: The Harajiri Falls outskirts

[Yufu city]

"The 67th Yufuin Hot spring Festival"
It is a festival to thank for the hot spring. The highlight including the performance of a miniature shrine and traditional arts is varied.

○Date: Sunday, April 23, 2017
○Locations: Near Yufuin Station 

[Kusu town]

"Japanese Fairy tale Festival"
The festival is held in hope of the healthy growth of the child every year.
Going through in a jumbo carp streamer, fairy tale theater and disguise parade will be carried out.

○Date: Friday, May 5, 2017
○Locations: Kusu town Mishima Park, Kusu River riverbed

[kitsuki city]

"The 30th Kitsuki Castle Festival"
You can feel it as if you were in the Edo era. "Parade of Edo" which is a parade of the disguised as a princesses and samurai warriors,  a procession of woman in a fascinating kimono is "Parade of oiran"

○Date: From Friday, May 5, 2017 to Saturday, May 6
○Locations: The kitsuki city castle town whole area 

[Hiji Town]

"The 32nd Shiroshita flatfish Festival"
It is a festival led by the appreciation of the Shiroshita flatfish. Various events are held in venues in ninomaru yakata and Hiji fishing port.

○Date: From Saturday, May 13, 2017 to Sunday, May 14
○Locations: Hiji Town ninomaru yakata, around Hiji fishing port

[Hita city]

"The 70th Hita river sightseeing festival"
To celebrate arrival of the early summer  and ithe removal of a ban of the sweetfish fishing which is one of the biggest event in Hita. Above all, the fireworks launched approximately 10,000 in two days are force perfect scores.

○Date: From Saturday, May 20, 2017 to Sunday, May 21
○Locations: Around Hita city

[Himeshima village]

"The 18th Himeshima flatfish festival previous night fireworks display, Himeshima flatfish festival"
You can enjoy the the Himeshima flatfish cuisne at the festival (first-come-first-served basis). The performance of fox dance and the Aya dance is carried out. Also free tour bus around the island and  you can observe the chestnut tiger butterfly too.

○Date: From Saturday, May 27, 2017 to Sunday, May 28
○Locations: 27th Himeshima-mura beach, 28th Himeshima Port ferry plaza