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Oita Prefecture Doll Festivals information

Jan 5, 2017

Let us introduce "doll festivals" in Oita Prefecture.
Doll festivals herald the coming of spring.
Carrying along Japanese traditions, the precious hina dolls will leave a fresh impression on those who encounter them.
[Hita city]

"Hita Doll Festival"
Hita City once thrived under Shogunate control. Hina dolls in Hita are gorgeous, a reminiscent of local prosperity in the Edo Period (1603-1868).
Dolls are displayed at old established families’ residences and museums in Mameda and Kuma towns during the festival.

○Period: February. 15 (Wed.) to March. 31 (Fri.), 2017
○Place: Museums and facilities in Mameda-machi, Kuma, Amagase-machi

[Taketa city]

"Oka Castle Town Doll Festival"
Hina dolls from the Edo to Showa Periods (1603 – 1988) are displayed at stores around the town. The highlights are unique bamboo dolls, handmade dolls, and bamboo objects.

○Period: Mid-February. to Mid-March., 2017
○Place: Taketa Castle town area, Taketa-shi

[Usuki city]

"Usuki Doll Tour"
In the Tenpo Era reforms period (1841-1843), simplicity and frugality were recommended, and in Usuki, people were allowed to display only dolls made with paper. Usuki Hina Dolls are standing dolls, now displayed all around the city.

○Period: February. 10 (Fri.) to March. 20 (Mon., holiday), 2017
○Place: Around Nioza area, Usuki-shi

[Kusu town]

"Mori-machi Warabe Doll Festival"
Handmade paper hina dolls and origami (paper folding) works produce a fairy tale world, matching the town, known as a fairy tale home. The hina dolls displayed in front of houses melt our hearts.

○Period: Mid-March. 2017
○Place: Warabe-no-yakata, Mori area, Kusu-machi, Kusu-gun

[Nakatsu city]

"Castle Town Nakatsu Doll Festival"

○Period: February. 25 (Sat.) to March 12 (Sun.), 2017
○Place: Moro-machi, Nakatsu-shi, Nakatsu City Museum of History and Folklore, Yukichi Fukuzawa Memorial Museum, etc.

"Higashi-no-tani-no Doll Festival"
More than 1,000 hina dolls are displayed at Sennenji Temple.

○Period: February. 20 (Mon.) to March. 5 (Sun.), 2017
○Place: Sennenji Temple, Higashitani, Honyabakei-machi, Nakatsu-shi

[Kitsuki city]

"Kitsuki Castle Town Walk and Doll Tour"
In Kitsuki, you can also try on a kimono.

○Period: February. 11 (Sat.) to March. 12 (Sun.), 2017
○Place: Around Kitsuki-shi, and Yamaga-machi

[Bungotakada city]

"Bungotakada Doll Tour"
Hina dolls, handicrafts, and traditional everyday articles made from the Meiji to Showa Periods (1868 - 1988) are displayed at stores. Walking around the Showa-no-machi district is another fun activity.

○Period: February. 20 (Mon.) to March. 10 (Fri.), 2017
○Place: Chuo-machi Street, Bungotakada-shi

[Hiji town]

"Castle Town Hiji Doll Tour"
Hina dolls are displayed around the Hiji Castle ruins. Start the tour from Fukami Memorial Hall next to the Ninomaru-yakata building.

○Period: February. 11 (Sat.) to March. 20 (Mon., holiday), 2017
○Place: Around the Hiji Castle remains, and Oga area