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Bungo Futamigaura
AddressKamiura Oaza Azamuiura, Saiki City, Oita Prefecture
ContactSaiki City Kamiura Promotion Department, Division of Community Development and Education


The 17m "male rock" and the 10m "female rock" of Bungo Futamigaura are linked by a 65m, 2-ton strip of Shinto consecration straw rope measuring 75cm in diameter. The symbol of Kamiura, this particular strip of Shinto rope believed to be fending off evil spirits is the longest one of its kind in the country, which consequently led to its listing in Guinness World Records in 1994.
Bungo Futamigaura is also known to be a scenic spot for viewing the sunrise on New Year's Day among the natives. Between early March to early October, the sun rises right in-between the two rocks, drawing numerous spectators to the area for the early morning view.

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