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Bungomori Kikanko
Address242-7 Hoashi, Kusu Town, Kusu District, Oita Prefecture
ContactKusu Town Commerce, Industry & Tourism Division


Said to be Kyushu's only locomotive cultural property in existence, Bungomori Kikanko is a pie-shaped concrete structure once used to house steam engine trains.
Completed in November 1934, it served as the hub for the Kyudai Main Line which contributed tremendously to the growth of Kyushu economy before and after the Second World War.
The facility was left abandoned following the railway electrification system was implemented in the 1970, up to the present day.
It is a valuable, modern-period cultural property, as the building is left with bullet holes from the American fighter jet when the area was under attack.
There stands on the premises today is a display of a steam engine train manufactured in 1919.

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