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Tennen-ji Temple
AddressNagaiwaya, Bungotakada City, Oita Prefecture
ContactTennen-ji Temple


Built in 718 A.D. by a bodhisattva, Tennen-ji Temple thrived during the Heian (794 - 1185 A.D.) and Kamakura period (1185 - 1333 A.D.) as a place of Shugendo Buddhism training for enlightenment and devotion to prayer.
The Temple today is known for the long-standing Rokugo Manzan tradition of Shujo Onie Fire Festival during the New Year's season.
A figure of Acala with two servant boys is also inscribed on a large boulder in the river running in front of Tennen-ji.
The adjacent facility exhibits the standing statue of Amitabha designated as an Important National Property. It also features a movie theater providing a virtual experience of Shujo Onie event.

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