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Second Residence of Inaba Family, Former Residence of the Hirai Clan
Address6-6 Usuki, Usuki City, Oita Prefecture
ContactSecond Residence of Inaba Family, Former Residence of the Hirai Clan


In the wake of the abolition of han/domain system ordered during the Meiji Restoration, the Inaba Clan then ruling the Usuki Domain was assigned to relocate to Tokyo. The Second Residence of Inaba Family was built at that time in 1902 as their second/vacation home here in Usuki.
Designated as Tangible Property of Japan, the getaway condo is constructed in traditional style of Japanese residential architecture with high quality lumber from sugi and hinoki cypress. It features a traditional high-class entryway with a step as well as an inner parlor.
Next to the premises is the Former Residence of the Hirai Clan, a classic palace for a high ranking samurai family with quintessential architectural engineering from the late Edo period.

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