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Kanjoba no Saka (Slope at the Money Counter)
Address211-1 Kitsuki, Kitsuki City, Oita Prefecture
ContactKitsuki Tourist Information Office


Kanjoba no Saka is the strip of slope connecting Kitsuki Castle and Kitadai Bukeyashiki samurai residential district. The fort becomes visible at the top of the hill. There resided during the Edo period the administrative offices for tax collectors and treasurers; hence the name "Kanjoba," or "the Money Counter."
Regularly frequented by the Daimyo ruling lord and resident samurai at that time, the hilly street was constructed with stone stairs fit the size of feet measured on palanquin bearers. 53 stone steps in total.
The 24th step features a rock pavement shaped like Mt. Fuji, while an image resembling Mt. Fuji reflecting on the surface of a nearby lake can be captured on one step right below it.

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