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Mt. Yufu
AddressYufuincho Kawakami, Yufu City, Oita Prefecture
ContactYufu City Commerce, Industry & Tourism Division


The 1,584 meter Mt. Yufu is also referred as "Bungo Fuji" for its beloved, stunning beauty.
The range is a popular mountain climbing location all throughout the year and offers flowers of rhododendron kiusianum, autumn foliage, and rime in the winter. The summit provides a great view of downtown Yufuin, Beppu Bay, the Mt. Kuju range, and more.
It is one of very few mountains where the Brocken spectre can be observed. The Brocken spectre is a natural phenomenon where a magnified shadow of the observer and rainbow rings are cast on the surfaces of clouds or mists in front of the observor and directly opposite of the direction of the sun when standing on a mountaintop.

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