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JNTO(Japan National Tourism Organization)-approved Tourist Information Offices
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Japan Tourism Agency designated areas and designation requirements

Category Explanation
3 English language service available at all times. Can provide nationwide tourism-related information and two languages in addition to English services at all times. Must be open all year long; equipped with Wi-Fi. Must be a location with a high traffic of international visitors and guests; e.g., a transportation hub.
2 English-speaking staff in office at all times. Can provide wider range of tourism-related information.
1 Can provide English language service in some way or another. Can provide regional tourism-related information.
Partnering organizations Shows enough enthusiasm to take in international visitors and guests despite of being a bona fide, full-time tourist information entity. Can provide tourist information for their respective region on an unbiased notion.
Oita Foreign Tourist Office City/Town/Village Category
Oita City Tourist Information Center Oita City 2
Beppu Foreign Tourist Office Beppu City 2
Jigoku-Mushi Kobo Kannawa Foreign Tourist Information Beppu City 1
Beppuwan Service Areas Down Lanes Information Oita Expressway Beppu City 1
Beppuwan Service Areas Up Lanes Information Oita Expressway Beppu City 1
Yufuin Tourist Information Counter Yufu City 2
Hita City Tourist Information Center Hita City 1
Saiki City Tourist Information Center Saiki City 1
Usuki Tourism and Community Plaza Usuki City 1
Taketa City Tourist Information Center Taketa City 1
Kitsuki Station Tourism Information Office Kitsuki City 2
Kitsuki Tourist Information Office Kitsuki City 1
Michi-No-Eki kunisaki kunisaki Tourist Information Center Kunisaki City 1
Partnering organizations City/Town/Village Category
Beppu International Plaza Beppu City Partners
Beppu International Convention Center, B-Con Plaza Beppu City Partners
Suginoi Hotel Beppu City Partners
Hasuwa Inn Yufu City Partners
Michi-No-Eki Nakatsu Nakatsu City Partners
Hachiman no Sato Usa Usa City Partners